Beware Of Common Slip And Fall Accidents That Can Occur During The Summer

There are many fun things to do during the summer. But there are also many ways to slip and injure yourself. If you trip, fall, and hurt yourself, you will only be entitled to compensation under some circumstances.  How to Know Whether the Other Party Is at Fault You might be going for a walk early in the morning and decide to take a shortcut. But while doing so, you might suddenly trip over a sprinkler head or slip on wet grass.

How To Cope With An Uncooperative Workers' Comp Insurer

It's surprisingly common for workers to be unable to get their claims approved after a work injury. This form of insurance is paid for by the employer, but the insurer can be difficult to work with. If you, like many others, are having problems with the workers' compensation insurance company that services your employer, read below for some tips. What Might Go Wrong? You are not alone in your frustration at the workers' comp insurer.