Should Your Personal Injury Settlement Include Nondisclosure Clauses?

Many personal injury cases are resolved through a binding settlement between the two parties. However, should you include in your settlement a clause that prohibits either side from revealing its details? This clause, commonly called a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), is optional and may be requested by either party. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider it. Why Might a Defendant Ask for an NDA? The most common party to request a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, is the insurance company, individual, or business being sued.

All You Need To Know About Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress

People think about personal injury claims with an emphasis on physical injuries. However, personal injury claims also encompass pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Many people suffer emotional distress following an incident caused by negligence but never get compensation because they do not know if they should sue. Here is everything you need to know about negligent infliction of emotional distress and how to claim.  What is Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?