Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are many programs available that offer support for those who are disabled or daily face a chronic illness. The main immediate hurdle to receiving these benefits is the application process. The Social Security Administration does offer monetary benefits based on their assessment of the disability. Everyone who is a citizen of the United States has a right to apply and ask for benefits. Here are a few ways that a Social Security Disability lawyer can help with the application process.  

Since each case is different, relying on secondhand information from friends or family members who have applied is not ideal. There are many reasons that the first application for Social Security Disability benefits is not immediately approved. One common denial reason is the inability to verify information with the applicant. When the contact information includes a Social Security Disability lawyer's contact information, there are fewer chances for miscommunications.

Common requests for information are written permission to thoroughly review personal medical records.  Medical records will have some type of documentation of the reason for the visit or specific procedure. The review board is looking for previous concerns about mobility, stamina, and the inability to work. Granting access to sensitive information will be needed at some point during the application process so that the board can assess if the medical condition qualifies for disability. 

Depend on the expertise of a lawyer for initial or appeal Social Security Disability claims. Reach out to a Social Security Disability attorney so they can review the case. The lawyer will be able to provide further clarity for application topics like income and severity of the disability. The lawyer will be able to clarify the type of income that can exceed the maximum income restrictions outside of traditional hourly or salaried employment. During the initial consultation, the lawyer will provide their payment structure and confirm how strong the disability claim is before proceeding. 

After hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer, expect them to give a timeline on when the paperwork is filed and when certain review dates will occur. They may request certain documents that need to be turned in on time to meet the demands of the application process. The lawyer or their staff will reach out anytime additional information is requested from the Social Security Administration. Court or hearing dates often can be conducted via teleconference or the lawyer can appear in person on behalf of their client. Act now by hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer to move closer to receiving benefits.