Why Do You Need To Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident?

A car accident can have severe implications on your life. It may leave you with severe injuries, long-term medical costs, and an inability to continue work. The good news is that if another party's recklessness caused your accident, you could pursue compensation through a personal injury claim.

Hiring a competent auto accident attorney to hold your hand during this difficult period may be an invaluable resource. Keep on reading to learn why. 

Deep Knowledge of the Legal System

Hiring a auto accident lawyer means you're using the services of someone who understands the legal frameworks regarding car accident claims. This knowledge will be crucial in proving the other party was responsible for the crash. They can identify where traffic laws were broken and when the at-fault motorist's actions showed negligence.

If the other party or their insurer is unwilling to accept liability, your lawyer will use their knowledge and experience to strengthen your case. For example, they can find relevant witnesses to give more details about how the accident happened. They can also negotiate with the insurance adjusters on your behalf to prove you deserve compensation. 

Proper Evaluation of Your Claim

Before filing for an insurance claim, you need to correctly estimate how much your injuries and property damage are worth. Without prior experience, it may be difficult to give correct estimations. 

An auto accident attorney has handled multiple car accident claims. They'll evaluate your medical expenses now and your lost wages due to the accident, the impact of the accident on your future ability to work, and the amount of money needed to repair or replace your vehicle. This ensures you receive compensation that matches your losses.

Filing Your Claim Within the State's Statute of Limitations

Different states have varying statutes of limitations that dictate when auto accident claims should be filed. For example, if your state has a two-year statute of limitations, you must file your claim within two years of the accident; otherwise, you lose your right to seek compensation. 

Your attorney understands the laws in your state. They'll navigate the claim process in time to avoid any cases of invalidation. 

Communicating With Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters are under intense pressure to reduce their liabilities as much as possible when settling cases. They'll not hesitate to use your words against you to make it seem like you're at fault for the accident. They can also argue how your injuries are unrelated to the accident, especially if you had other preexisting conditions. 

Auto accident attorneys deal with insurance companies every day. They know all the strong-arm and scare tactics used by insurance adjusters to affect the claim. They'll communicate and negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to ensure you get a fair settlement. 

Contact an auto accident attorney to learn more.