Costs That You Might Incur Following A Commercial Vehicle Spill In Your Neighborhood

When a commercial vehicle has an accident in your neighborhood, it may affect you — even if you were fortunate enough to not directly be involved in the collision. If the vehicle was carrying a chemical or other powerful substance and this substance leaked, it could affect you in a number of ways. Speak to a law firm that handles commercial vehicle accidents to get advice about how you should proceed. Despite not being actively involved in the accident, the end result of the accident may affect you and cost you money. A conscientiously prepared suit can help you to get awarded damages.

Clean-Up Costs

While it's true that the commercial trucking company may make an attempt to pay for many of the clean-up efforts following the vehicle's accident, it's also true that you may incur your own costs. For example, if a substance has leached into your yard, you may need to dig up the earth, dispose of it, and replace it with new soil and sod. These tasks, of course, can cost you a lot of money — and it's not right for the money to come out of your pocket, given that you didn't cause the accident. Your attorney will include the total amount of your clean-up costs in your suit.

Relocation Costs

The spill may have been bad enough that you needed to relocate from your property for a period of time. For example, if the spill affected your house itself, making it uninhabitable, you'd understandably need to live in an extended-stay hotel or some other similar arrangement. This is another reason why a spill in your neighborhood can carry a significant price tag for you, especially if you need to be away from your home for a long period. Keep all of the paperwork for relocation costs so that your attorney can factor them into your suit.

Medical Costs

Depending on the harmfulness of the spill in your neighborhood, one or more of your family members could have been affected — resulting in the need for medical care. For example, someone could have suffered a burn on his or her feet or hands, while another family member may have experienced respiratory distress. Going to seek medical care can have a significant expense associated with it. Your attorney will want to see proof of your medical costs so that he or she can add them to the amount that you'll seek in damages.

For more information, contact a commercial vehicle accident attorney.