Toxic Chemicals And You: Staying Safe

Exposure to toxic chemicals can be harmful to your health and should be avoided if possible. Unfortunately, chemicals are all around as we live our daily lives. Dangerous chemicals can often be found in both the home and the workplace. The following article takes a look at this issue and explains how you can reduce your risk of exposure to these menacing substances.


You might not think of your house as source of toxic chemicals, but this is a mistake. For instance, many of the cleaners that are commonly used in households are full of chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin or cause poisoning if they are accidentally swallowed. To use these products safely, always follow the directions on the label and only open the bottle or container in a well-ventilated room.

A great idea is to switch to natural cleaning products. For example, vinegar works well for removing mildew and baking soda mixed with water is a strong natural cleaner.


If you have a garden, then it's possible that you will frequently come into contact with toxic chemicals. Commercial pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers typically contain potentially harmful chemicals. To avoid any problems, be careful to use only as much fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide as you actually need. Also, do not apply any fertilizer right after a heavy rain. Of course, make sure that you wash your hands after working with any of these products.


If you enjoy woodworking and have a workshop dedicated to this hobby, then you should take care that you avoid excessive exposure to any toxic chemicals. Woodworking items such as thinner and solvent contain chemicals that can be dangerous if you are not cautious. Reduce your exposure by wearing gloves, safety glasses, and masks. Try to use non-toxic alternatives to these products, if they are available.


Depending on your job, you may also face exposure to toxic chemicals at your workplace. In this instance, some aspects of reducing your exposure are beyond your control. Follow your employer's training and instructions as closely as you can. If you feel unsafe when working around toxic substances, report the situation to your employer.

Even if you take all of the necessary precautions in the workplace, however, an accident or negligence on the part of your employer could still cause you physical harm or injury. If that occurs, the best course of action is to contact an experienced injury attorney in your city and consult with them about how to proceed with any legal case.