Three Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make After An Auto Accident

An automobile accident occurs somewhere in the world every 60 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. In many cases, panic can set in, as the car accident is not expected. Unfortunately, when you panic you could end up making several errors after the accident that could lead to the insurance company or the other driver not paying for the damages or injuries sustained. Learn more about the most common mistakes that people make after being in an auto accident.

Not Getting Medical Treatment

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not receiving medical treatment when you need it after a car accident. This can hurt your chances later when you go to file an auto injury claim with your insurance company. Even if you think you have not been injured, it can be difficult to tell immediately after an accident. Once things settle down, you may then begin to experience pain. If offered medical treatment, make sure to use it, as you could have injuries from the accident with no symptoms present. The longer you choose to wait to get medical attention, the harder it could be to prove your injuries resulted from the accident. 

Waiting Too Long to Make a Claim

Another common mistake people make after a car accident is not making a claim right after the accident occurred. There is a limited time after an auto accident occurs that you can file a claim. If you are not sure how long you have to make the claim, you want to speak to a car accident attorney. They will go over your rights and inform you of your local laws so you know what the time limit is and what you can do about the accident. 

Not Getting the Evidence

Cellphones can be very valuable after a car accident. Once the accident has occurred, you want to make sure you take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding areas. This will help you show proof to the insurance company and your lawyer to back up any information you give them. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep notes on your phone with any information you have from witnesses and the other driver. Insurance information should be exchanged between drivers to ensure that the claim is able to be filed right away. Additionally, you want to take pictures of any injuries, including scrapes and bruises you sustained in the accident. Having all this information on your cellphone can help keep it close by when you need it. Information you should keep in notes include emergency respondent's names, accident report reference number, witness contact information, and a summary of the events leading to the accident. 

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