Getting A Personal Injury Case Together After A Bar Fight

Being in the middle of a bar fight can be a scary experience. If you find yourself caught in the crossfire and hurt during a bar fight, you need to immediately go to get your injuries taken care of. During bar fights, glass items such as beer bottles and wood furniture are typically thrown or used as a weapon. Since there is a risk of glass or wood also being in any wounds, you need to get checked out by a health care professional as soon as possible. After you receive medical attention, you may need to file a personal injury case to recoup your costs. Here is how to start. 

Take pictures and retrieve medical bill costs

Most hospitals will be able to provide you with the cost of your current medical bills and a projection of future care that you will need. Depending on how hurt you are, you may need additional scans or medical procedures. Along with the costs, have pictures taken of your injury and let the medical staff know just how you got the injuries. This way they can provide detailed information of what likely happened to corroborate your claims in court. 

Make a police report

After a bar fight, there is likely to be several people making incident reports. You should make an incident report to the police about what happened and what injuries you sustained. You should also get a copy of the incident report for your personal usage. You want to take this to a meeting with your lawyer and you will need this in court. Be sure that the report is detailed and specific, including all of your injuries and pains. 

Find the history of the bar

Some bars are known to be quiet and orderly. Other bars are known to be rowdy and attract a crowd that can get physical. Most bars are required to provide a reasonable amount of security for safety purposes. Hire a personal injury lawyer and have them look up the history of the bar. If the bar is known to have incidents occur, they can be held liable in a civil suit. Ask for video footage in the event that the person who started the fight and the person who caused your injuries was caught on camera. Having detailed information about the incident and of the history of the bar can help you to win your personal injury case in court.