Struggling With A VA Claim? An Attorney Can Help

Being denied compensation from Veterans Affairs (VA) can be a devastating feeling, but you need to understand that it isn't the end of the process. The claim system is complicated and the VA knows that many veterans have issues when it comes to preparing the claim. If you feel that you've been swept up in a net of quick denials and need to prepare an appeal, consider a few traits of the VA system and ways that a personal injury attorney can help.

Why Would The VA Deny A Legitimate Claim?

The VA disability system exists to assist veterans who are suffering from conditions caused by military service. This does not simply mean combat injuries; anything from a gunshot wound that damages a bone to back problems from sleeping in awkward positions can be treated and compensated, as long as it occurred during military service.

Conditions within a claim are put to a service-connection claim. You'll need to have official evidence to support your injury or other condition, and the condition must be severe enough to warrant compensation. Although severity can be argued later by your own testimony and civilian doctors, there needs to be written proof that your condition occurred during military service.

This proof can be in the form of medical record entries from doctor (or other medical personnel) visits. You can also use entries from your service record, such as official statements about events that lead to an injury, trauma or other similar situation. 

If you do not have official, written paperwork, you'll need the assistance of an attorney to get the proper information. A personal injury attorney has a set of skills capable of tracking down needed information, gathering a medical (or other healthcare) team that knows how to search for the relevant information and different ways to prepare a relevant claim.

What If The Injuries Aren't Service-Connected?

If your injuries did not occur during your military service, you aren't eligible for VA disability. The VA will, however, assist you in getting compensation from the proper authorities. Your personal injury attorney can also help you pursue benefits such as Social Security's disability system or represent you in a civil matter against a business or individual. 

While you pursue other means of compensation, keep in mind that honorably discharged veterans are often qualified for the VA health benefits program. These benefits allow limited medical care for qualifying veterans, such as basic medical checkups, referrals and even prescription medication. There may be a low copay for certain issues, but if you need pain medication or physical therapy assistance while fighting a long and difficult injury claim, the VA can look into ways to assist. 

If you're working on a VA claim, these benefits are for you as well. During the Compensation and Pension (C&P) evaluation process, simply bring up issues that are bothering you during the visit. In many cases, the doctor examining you can write a prescription for you or schedule another appointment.

Contact a personal injury attorney to plan a more successful VA claim to get the compensation you need for a more comfortable life.