3 Things That Can Cause Your Social Security Disability Claim To Be Denied

Social security disability benefits are supposed to be there when you need them. After all, you pay taxes into the fund out of your paycheck each time. So, you may think that your claim will be approved the first time around. You fill out the paperwork and send it in, but then you are denied. Here are three things that can cause your social security disability claim to be denied.

1. Your disability isn't considered severe enough.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step process to determine if you are disabled. One of the steps they consider is if your condition is severe enough to warrant disability. In order to be considered severe enough for disability benefits, the SSA must find that your condition prohibits or significantly hinders you from performing basic work-related duties.

Of course, the SSA may think you can perform work-related duties, but your condition actually does make it difficult, if not impossible. You will need to get a statement from your doctor to help your case when you appeal the denial.

2. You failed to follow your doctor's course of treatment.

Another thing that can get your disability claim denied is if you are non-compliant with your doctor's treatment plan. This will cause a claim denial if it is found that the treatment plan provided by your doctor would have improved your condition enough to enable you to work full-time. 

Of course, there are some defenses to not following a doctor's treatment plan that you can use during your appeal. For instance, if the treatment that your doctor has prescribed would cause a financial hardship on you, the SSA will possibly approve your claim because it is unreasonable to expect a patient to pay money they don't have for medical treatment.

3. Your use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs led to your disabling condition.

It used to be that having a drug or alcohol addiction would get someone approved for benefits. However, that is no longer the case. Instead, the SSA will deny your social security disability benefits claim if they find that you would not be disabled without the drug or alcohol addiction. That means that if your drug or alcohol addiction was a factor in causing your disabling condition, it will likely be denied.

On the other hand, if medical professionals can argue that your condition was not caused by alcohol or drug use, you could likely win your appeal. Just keep in mind you may need more than one medical professional to state that your condition would have likely occurred without drug or alcohol usage.

For more information, contact a social security attorney in your area.